Although self-help can be helpful, it’s not a genre I ever imagined contributing to.

But a few years ago I heard people saying “you’re so powerful”. Confronted with such a disjuncture between my inner experience and what the world was perceiving, I thought I should take a look. I discovered that while I am not fearless, I do take action anyway.

Syntax of Power is a raw, potent, and spare revelation of how I got to where I am and how I take on the struggle every day.

It’s about stepping into the darkness of change and creativity. It’s about trust. It’s a mix of memoir and well-tested methods for finding power and pleasure, organized alphabetically and hyperlinked. It includes some biography, to validate the method, and some experiences still in the process of becoming insights.

Syntax of Power is about finding the courage, confidence, and competence to make things happen. I want to create in a way that’s incomparable and define my own compensation package. You too?